Engaging the senses – Our Product Showcase Facility.

Because Chenhong believes that paint and coatings are not just protective, they are interactive, we and our business partners in China and around the world have developed a 15,000 square foot educational and experiential environment within the Company Headquarters to bring our products to life.

This exciting and dynamic showroom goes far beyond even the full spectrum of colors to let customers, prospective partners and visitors literally peel back the layers and understand the science, sensory inspiration and solution-oriented passion beneath the surface.

Durability studies and chemical breakdowns join with application methods and real-world demonstrations to connect the paint with the people, and the practical with the imaginative.

  • Brand Collection Chenhong Paint

  • Wood Varnish

  • Quick Dry Anti Rust Paint

  • Product Showcase Banner

  • Polyurethane Paint

  • Paint Chemistry Durability

  • Exterior Alkyd Enamel

  • Auto Repair Alkyd Paint

  • Anti corosive epoxy paint