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Your partnership means we move ahead together. How can we both benefit?

We are setting up a platform for our partners to build a shared value and the value of our brand together, hand in hand. High efficiency, high value partnerships are what we seek. We hope our partners can receive high value for their expertise and experience.

We welcome any size of business from entrepreneur to global industrial manufacturers. We can work with you no matter where you are, in size, scope or geography as long as we share the vision and projects.

Goals of Partnership

  1. Cooperation to consolidate high quality resources from partners in order to develop the Chenhong brand and the supply chain that helps us grow further together.

  2. This value-driven relationship is built on trust. We hope to cooperate along the same corporate values, those of social benefit and customer satisfaction. When you partner with Chenhong paint, we pour all of our energy into working together so we can support the same ideals.

  3. 1 + 1 > 2    Both parties will be able to fully utilize their own strengths and unique abilities, complementing each other’s competitive advantages. Both will benefit, and become more effective and achieve a more efficient partnership with a win-win relationship.


We have a long-term vision. We plan for the next century when we look long term. We care about the environment, energy, air quality and health.

1. We created our factories while preserving our environment, for example planting more trees around the factory when it was built 30 years ago.

2. We seek greener technology, lower VOC’s, water based, environmentally friendly products and techniques.
(News: source the edited article: Emission reduction article May 10)

3. We support the local community in sustainable ways, for example painting schools and hospitals cleaner water-based paints.

4. We help contractors protect their health and live longer lives, by training them with better application solutions, including better tools and equipment.


Are you creating improved paint and coatings related products in a laboratory? Are you involved in higher level research and experimentation with coatings products that reduce the environmental impact? We want to breathe cleaner air alongside our partners, so let us work together for a better world. We hope that our potential laboratory partners will help Chenhong Paint improve the quality of our coatings, and lower our environmental impact. By reducing the VOC’s in our paint, we provide the highest environmental quality in the air we breathe. Universities benefit with additional funding and research grants from CH Paint Global in Coatings Research. We partner with private coating labs, institutes, and foundations.
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Raw Materials

Raw materials are the building blocks of our future. If you are a principal in a company who supplies raw materials for paint and coatings, we want to get to know you better. If you send us samples of your raw materials, we can let you know quickly if we will use it or not. We will send you the test report. We may have a future together that benefits both companies and our environment.
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Manufacturing Partners

Are you a consultant in manufacturing processes? Do you seek out new opportunities with leading firms in the coatings industry? We want to speak to you about how we can help each other find better ways to improve our quality and efficiency the very excellent coatings and related products with the Chenhong brand.
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We want to offer you the chance to present your package, design, branding, R & D, software and other services, so we can improve ours. We need designers like you as well as software expertise. We are willing to compensate you for your services as a partner. We can help you to access our supply chain of 10,000 points of sale in China and grow with one of the leading industrial businesses in China. We can offer you a connection with a company whose leadership is a 100-year vision of excellence. We can offer you an opportunity to grow your business to a level that you are seeking.
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