A Warm Welcome and Invitation from The Chairman.

Dear Prospective Partners,

In celebration of 25 years in the paint and coatings industry, Chenhong Paint is offering an invitation to join us in our next step of innovation and collaboration, and make the most of the industrial opportunities in China.

Please let this new website serve as our first intercontinental introduction to you in North and South America, Europe and additional regions in Asia to merge onto the new Silk Road to development cooperation. Our expansion is your opportunity to unlock the Chinese market, and for both of us to address, capitalize upon and positively influence the rapidly evolving customer and market environments that affect our industry, and the world.

Since 1988, our founding principles of open business and continual investment in our processes and people have led to success along the entire chain of our partners, customers, and our customers’ customers. Now, I would personally like to share this with you.


Mr. Cun Jian Zhu
Hebei Chen Hong