Sustainable relationships with our customers, partners, communities and the world.

The more we balance the economic, environmental and social triad, the more each of these spheres will contribute to the strength and harmony of each of the other parts, as well as the whole.

This unwavering commitment to respecting, refining and rejuvenating these relationships every step of the way has led directly to Chenhong’s success over the past 30 years, and its timeless relevance paves the way to our Centennial goal.

We minimize environmental waste through efficient, innovative and responsible business practices.We care for and seek to make a positive contribution to our communities by working to keep the lives of our family of partners safe and healthy.Professionalism, accountability and transparency lead our business dealings, so they, too, will be healthy and long lasting.

This is our broad vision of sustainability. We serve because it is who we are. Our profits are guided by our purpose. Our challenges bring us closer together. And we are caretakers of the place that we create, so we may share with generations to come.