About Us

Chenhong Paint was one of the first companies to take advantage of China’s reform policies, opening its doors in 1988. Since then, it has literally brightened the economic and chromatic landscape of Chinese manufacturing operations by changing the business and culture of the paint business.

Today, more than 10,000 retail stores throughout 17 provinces distribute Chenhong Paint in China alone, making it one of the fastest growing paint manufacturing companies and a universally recognized national brand. The company has leveraged this awareness and experience to expand its borders beyond our 230,000 m2 factory and 57-acre campus, with dozens of sales, marketing and industrial relationships on the global stage.

The business opportunities in China are virtually limitless. We invite you to discover a company and culture that is as exciting and varied as the colors of paint the company produces, and offers just as many paint marketing opportunities in China through an established entry channel for you as an international partner.



We are a family business operating since 1988; we are people working toward a better future for our families, our community and our world. We are honest, hard-working and dedicated to protect and beautify the world with paint. Every can of paint is made from the bottom of our heart.


We are a company who improves the appearance of things we love. We coat and protect products you love with a lasting memory of quality.

We always make a quality paint. If possible, we make a profit. But if necessary, we may lose money at times. At Chenhong we always make a top quality paint.


Humble beginnings and a 100-year vision with driven teams toward a single mission. We cherish innovation & entrepreneur ship.

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Your partnership means we move ahead together. How can we both benefit?

We are setting up a platform for our partners to build a shared value and the value of our brand together, hand in hand. High efficiency, high value partnerships are what we seek. We hope our partners can receive high value for their expertise and experience.

We welcome any size of business from entrepreneur to global industrial manufacturers. We can work with you no matter where you are, in size, scope or geography as long as we share the vision and projects.

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Goals of partnerships:

    1. Cooperation to consolidate high quality resources from partners in order to develop the Chenhong brand and the supply chain that helps us grow further together.
    2. This value-driven relationship is built on trust. We hope to cooperate along the same corporate values, those of social benefit and customer satisfaction. When you partner with Chenhong paint, we pour all of our energy into working together so we can support the same ideals.
    3. 1 + 1 > 2 Both parties will be able to fully utilize their own strengths and unique abilities, complementing each other’s competitive advantages. Both will benefit, and become more effective and achieve a more efficient partnership with a win-win relationship.

What makes CHENHONG different


Reputation first and always.

The Chenhong brand has earned the respect of its Chinese and global employee, vendor and customer partners through its passion for the product it delivers, and the honoring of the people who create, represent and purchase it.

This commitment to morality and manufacturing from our sales, marketing, operations and R&D partners forms the conscious foundation of our business, and inspires fervent interest in future partners, as well as tremendous loyalty in our current business family.

We understand that our future depends on the way we hold ourselves accountable in the present.


Commitment to ourselves, and to you.

Just as we hold ourselves true to our principles, so too do we honor the values, goals, missions and intellectual property of our partners.

Once we decide to move forward together, we dedicate our full efforts to working with you to realize our agreed upon objectives. Through these mutually beneficial and aligned relationships, we can go further than we could with our individual assets.

We succeed as one.


Service with warmth and sincerity.

We are a true solution provider, with layers of innovative plans, intuitive interaction and a sincere interest in both our customers and partners.

This highly proactive mindset employs a very high level of empathy to understand, not just what is literally being asked of us, but to interpret and extrapolate to exceed expectations on all levels, from the performance of our products to the feel of our relationships.
How we deliver is just as important as what we deliver.

Responsible results

Fair profit that leads to the future.

Chenhong’s long-range outlook favors sustainable development, and that translates to shared and open success with all our partners.

This financial motivation and transparency is reward for the responsibility, cooperation and fair business practices that reach beyond short-term gain to lead to long term relationships that are more efficient and personally rewarding.

This culture is a cost we’re never willing to compromise.