New Technology Reduces Emissions at Chenhong Paint Factory

NEWS RELEASE (San Diego, CA) Steps to improve air quality at the Chenhong Paint factories has been successfully completed and verified by authorities, according to leadership in China. In early 2017, Chenhong paint installed $3 million in new equipment, which has been verified by authorities and put into operation.

The VOC (volatile organic compounds) processing equipment is designed to remove exhaust gas and dust emissions using a molecular sieve fluidized bed based absorption and concentration plus catalytic oxidation with a throughput of 4000m³/h.

For some background on this process, during production of solvent based paint, exhaust gases such as NMCH, benzene, toluene, xylene may be discharged. Since the installation of this new Chenhong equipment, these harmful gas residues will be collected by terminal devices and then absorbed and concentrated through the molecular sieve fluidized bed. With the absorption of the molecular sieve, the harmful components in the exhaust gases are intercepted, leaving only clean gases for output. After saturation, the molecular sieve is desorbed. The removed organic exhausts are sent to the catalytic combustion units through a small-volume high-density filter and converted to carbon dioxide and water by catalytic oxidation. The byproduct gases reach below the acceptable discharge standards.

(Caption: Molecular sieve fluidized bed system in place at the Chen Hong Paint Factory, China)

Since the equipment has been placed into operation, odors inside the factory are greatly reduced. At the same time, harmful gas and dust pollution has also been significantly reduced which has been confirmed by high tech detection equipment. The emission concentration of benzene is 3.53 mg/m³, toluene is 6.99 mg/m³ and xylene is 19.97 mg/m³. These are considerably below than the national standards, which are 4 mg/m³, 30 mg/m³ and 30 mg/m³. (See Chart below: Emission concentration at Chenhong Paint Co. is Cleaner)

Emission Concentration at Chenhong Paint Co. is Cleaner

Emission by product

China Standards

CH Paint Factory

CH Difference

% Below standards

















Chenhong Paint makes significant financial investments in factory emission reduction equipment while taking the processing effect of exhaust gas and dust emissions seriously, which reflects their determination and confidence to build a century enterprise.


Caption: Emission equipment in the Chenhong paint factory reduces air pollution

In order to implement this investment in equipment, Chenhong Paint cooperates with an experienced partner to manage the process in the pipe installation, the overall operation and maintenance of the equipment. Mr. Zhao, who is in charge of this project, has been cooperating with Chenhong Paint since 2014. He has been responsible for the factory automation operation process, partnering with Chenhong Paint. Through the cooperation with Chenhong Paint, Mr. Zhao is deeply impressed by the Chenhong philosophy and culture of cooperation, and he sees the hope and future of Chinese manufacturing enterprises.

About the company: Chenhong Paint is a family business operating since 1988; we are people working toward a better future for our families, our community and our world. We are honest, hard-working and dedicated to protect and beautify the world with paint. Every can of paint is made from the bottom of our heart. See:

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